Practice Experience
Any student joining a Teachers Training Course at Yoga with Srinatha Yoga Studio must have at least Two year of practice experience in Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengara or any other form of Yoga.

We require a 300$ non-refundable fee to book once spot in the course.The full payment shall be made on the day before the course begins.We provide spots in the course based on the experience one has and a 500$ deposit which seals the place in the course.We reserve the right to refuse a place to students who have not paid their deposit.

Refund Policy :
Payment Deposit Dates.The first payment of 300$ nonrefundable fee shall be paid on the day of booking the course.300$ nonrefundable fee shall be made on the day of booking the course.

Student Pulling Out of Course :
No circumstances can allow the student to pull out of the course, except a severe health condition verified by a qualified medical specialist.Once the course begins, no refund will be provided.

Procedure on how to make a cancellation :
Cancelation can be made by sending us an open email on: .No evidence is required to cancel the course.

Included :
Training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance US Full manual on asanas, book on yoga anatomy and book on philosophy Three meals a day except Sundays.

Not-included :
Costs of travel, airport pick up and accommodation. SUBSIDISED Trainee membership with Yoga Alliance US. SUBSIDISED join up fee with Yoga Alliance US.

During the Course :
Attendance is essential to be certified by our school. Students are allowed to miss not more than 10 classes during the course.The time limit once course official finishes to complete the course is one month.There are no additional charges for re-sitting any assignments.Students are ought to attend all the classes scheduled during the course and keep up with the practice planned by our qualified Yoga Alliance US. We will allow extensions for students if unable to complete the requirements due to unforeseen circumstances. The evidence will be required.

Cancellation of Course :
If we are to cancel the course, we will give a three months notice to the students.

Complaints Procedure :
We will have three stages within our complaints procedure.We will allow the complainant to involve an advocate, friend or someone else to support them during ANY stage of the complaint.An attempt to provide an interpreter will be made. If we fail to find one the complainant has to find one on their own.Stage one – An informal chat on the day of the event.Stage two – A written complaint. Which will be acknowledged immediately. The response will contain the information related to the event and ways for its solution. We will guarantee that a complaint will remain anonymous.Stage three – If it is not possible to prove a full answer within a certain amount of days, we will provide a letter outlining the reasons why and give a date by which a full answer is expected.

Code of Conduct :
All our students will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct in order to start our training. In order to maintain high standards and to keep our good reputation, it is important for our students to reach a certain minimum standard.

Create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga.Respect all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.Respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students.Avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment or harassment based on other legal protected characteristics. Follow the traditional yoga principles as written in the yamas and niyamas.Follow all local government and national laws that pertain to my yoga teaching and business.Provide the public with access to safe and effective yoga teachers. Acknowledge the limitations of the skills and scope of practice and where appropriate, refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment, or direction.

As a student of your training course, I consent to my contact details (name, email and phone number) being passed onto our partners, Yoga Alliance US, so they can contact me directly and invite me to register as a Trainee and Teacher. I understand that I have the option of opting out of this registration process.