Course Outline

The 100 hour course is for those globetrotters who are interested and dedicated to attaining a yoga teacher certification but have less time to afford at a given point. This course follows the same path as the other training styles but with a small caveat – you can start the course and finish 100 hours of training but to complete the certification, you would need to complete the remaining 100 hours within 1 year of completing the first 100 hours. This way, you can make time for your travels as well as come back to finish what you started with the same rigor and under the guidance of the same guru. This is beneficial in terms of your vacation time, work needs and other affordability.

By the end of the course you get:
1. A worldwide recognized Yoga Teacher Certification.
2. Support and guidance to start your own Yoga school or Yoga studio.
3. Post-course support and mentoring

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