Vinayak Honnavar

About Me​

An established flautist of Indian classical music born in place called Honnavar from Karnataka state in the year of 1985. Since He was born with good voice and singing ability his mother was the first teacher to music world. Later groomed by his uncle Shri.Shankar.B. When he was 10 years old his uncle gave him a flute made up of PVC pipe. With that flute he started his venture. Then he greatly inspired by Pandit Hari prasad Chaurasia and following his footsteps; developed basic skills in flute by himself by hearing to ‘All India Radio’. 

 Vinayak then had a privilege of learning from renowned artist Pt. BR Joshi, who is intern disciple of Legendry Artist Lt. Bharatratna Bhimsen Joshi. From Pt. BR Joshi he mastered in both vocal and flute. Vinayak later on came under the influence of the flute maestro Pandit. Venkatesh Godkhindi (A legendry artist of Kirana Gharana).

 Since he came from middle class family and lost his father at early age mother who is teacher was the only earning source. It was necessary for him to balance both profession (as an engineer) and passion of music. With the valuable guidance and blessings from such illustrious Gurus, couple with the shear hard work, Vinayak mastered the instrument at the very young age.

Vinayak’s performance reflects a unique blend of fluency and melody with a systematic  Badhat And aesthetic approach giving due weightage to both Gayaki(singing style)  andGatkari(Instrumental style) Anga’s. Use of ‘key’ in his flute, invented by his Guru Pt. VenkateshGodkhindi unfolds Ragas beautifully by producing mends [Sliding from one note(Panchama) to another].

 He established his own style of ‘Thaankari’ where flute is smoothly vibrated to produce euphoric effect. Retaining the Raag Bhaava(core feel of Raga) and magical tone quality in his rendition will add up more divinity to his performance.

Tarbansi or Tanu Veena;

Its new kind of flute indigenously designed and developed by Vinayak Honnavar and Manufactured by Sarasvati Musical Works.

Vinayak has integrated the musical instruments of Goddess Saraswthi and Lord Krishna.

A mechanical engineer by education and profession, his expertise in the field helped him to create a fusion this instrument.

Tarbansi is a balanced combination of two forms of music instruments Tanti/Taar(String instrument) and Sushira/Basni(wind instrument).

Tarbansi construction made simple so that it must not disturb the original structure of flute, which is simplest music instrument in the world construction wise. Its having main 4 parts

1) Flute (Bansuri).

2) Sound board.

3) Strings.

4) Tuning pegs.

This instrument unfolds the Sitar style of renditions like Jod and Jhala. Which is major part of Raga improvisation in instrumental music of Indian Classical music. During rendition or in compositions Main Note and Accidental notes are effectively used by combining strings and flute to beautify the composition. Blend of two radically different. This unique tonal quality will create different dimension to the music journey and connectivity.


 Vidhwan. B R Joshi. Director of Krishna Sangeeta Vidyalaya Davangere.  Karnataka Kala shree,Late: Pandit Venkatesh Godkhindi. Bangalore.

Personal Memoranda:

 Name:  Sri. Vinayak S Honnavar.

 Mother Name: Smt. Lakshmi
S Honnavar.

 Mobile: +91 9916820855.

 Academic Qualifications:

B.E in Mechanical from UBDT College of Engineering Davangere.

 Communication Address:

#1071 Ground floor 3rd stage 9th main Gokulam 3rd stage Mysore 570002.