Frequently asked questions(FAQ)



The literal translation of Hatha means “force”; however, from the yoga perspective, it means “willful”. The premise of Hatha Yoga is to drive oneself with the will to perform a set of physical exercises or asanas designed to align one’s body in line with the mind. It is a path towards creating balance and uniting the opposites that are present in all of us. It is a powerful tool for self-transformation.

The difference lies in the fact that unlike other forms of exercises, yoga is not just about physical postures and fitness. It is also about meditation, breathing techniques, healthy eating, principles of ayurveda and its effective impact on lifestyle, and creating a balance between mind, body & soul. It is a holistic experience that eventually becomes a lifestyle.

It is all the more reason to do yoga! Many people practice yoga as a lifestyle to manage health and improve their conditions, in many cases finding a natural cure for some conditions too. Yoga is especially good for physical problems such as lower back pain, spinal issues and for problems related to anxiety and stress.